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Taylor Lynott is a Story Artist with experience in episodic content and feature story training. They are driven by the desire to share deep and meaningful stories that viewers can connect with and learn from.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of South Florida with a BA in Studio Art and minor in Psychology, Taylor worked with 137Ewes Productions on Baapolis. Working with an independent studio was a great opportunity and learning experience for them and they are looking to branch out and connect with more artists and studios to make their dreams come true!

Outside of art, Taylor enjoys going to the gym and practicing Muay Thai. They also love playing with their dog, Bean, baking, and catching up on the list of shows, movies, and books their friends have recommended.

Based in Miami, FL, Taylor is open to remote work but is also open and happy to relocate.

Critique is always welcomed and for inquiries, please email me:

LinkedIn and Instagram links are below:

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